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Jason Reittom is a visual artist - a lightworker printmaker.


Born in 1969 in Nantes, France, she lives an hour from Toulouse, in the south of France, where she creates and prints her editions.


She discovered the mezzotint technique in 2015 through an art magazine article about the master-engraver-artist in mezzotint Mikio Watanabe. After getting the first basic tools, she will publish her very first mezzotint in 2016. Subsequently, thanks to the renowned masters-engravers-artists in mezzotint Mikio Watanabe, Deborah Chapman and Guy Langevin, she will improve her technique approach, and began to teach mezzotint since 2018.


Since this rebirth, the Mezzotint has become her main form of expression.


Her atypical scientific / computing path,

  • Bachelor of Science and mathematics at IUT Chemical and civil engineering.

  • Medical studies at the faculty and university hospital of Hôtel Dieu.

  • Studies in vocational proficiency as Professional Photographer .

  • 3D computing teacher/manager on CAD /CAM, 3D, 3D and designs post-production or video game designs. and animations for professional work experiences and internship.

  • Webmaster on Dreamwaver.

gives her a vast field of exploration.

Through spiritual metaphors, she attempts to translate and make accessible the quests of the collective unconscious, to awaken sleepy souls, by staging the energies that surround us in an abstract or symbolic imagery, expressing the interactions between beings, souls and the universe, beyond the dogmas that imprison us.

Driven by mathematics, geometric abstractions of fractals are an integral part of her visual expression.


"Every day I define myself as an enthusiastic autodidact, which analyzes, dissects and tries everything. I continually recompose the tablature of the symphony of my life, according to the rhythms and vibratos of my soul, through my synesthetic sensitivity."


Fields of exploration: Geometry, quantum physics, fractal abstractions, symbolism and spiritual metaphors, visionary symbolism, vanities, entomology and figurative botany, anatomy, are an integral part of her visual expression.




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+33 6 49 60 97 61

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